President’s Corner

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The New Normal?!

Over the years, when I am not at CBS for a Sunday Morning program, I would be home watching Sunday Morning on CBS.  Comedian Jim Gaffigan often has a commentary on the program.  Especially now with COVID-19, his comedic style and dry sense of humor is perfect.  I am putting the final touches on this article on Sunday, August 2nd right after watching this week’s issue.  You can see his full commentary on YouTube, which I urge you to do, but here is the gist of it:

It’s already August?  But is it really? I know the calendar says it’s August and the corn I planted in my garden says its August.  Wait, I planted corn?  It can’t be August. There wasn’t a July, a June, or a May.  I remember April, it was a cruel extension of March.  Maybe it is still March.  I still do not understand the term “New Normal” like I didn’t understand it in March.  How can “New” be “Normal”?  How can “Normal” be “New”?  I gotta check my corn.  That’s how I know it’s not March because I’m growing corn!  Why am I growing corn?

Doesn’t that summarize life in this pandemic in a lighthearted way?  It’s true, at least for me, there has been a lot of sameness week after week.

It is no exaggeration that this year is going to be a challenge, a challenge the Men’s Club is ready to accept and overcome.  Here are some things we are going to do with our programming this year:

  1. We will focus on things we can do to bring back some form of familiarity in a time that is not normal.
  2. We will develop strategies and tactics to come up with ways to differentiate one online program from the next to reduce or eliminate some of the sameness.
  3. We will continue with leadership development so that the Men’s Club and synagogue life at CBS will continue to be strong during and after COVID-19.

Please joins us for a different kind of Men’s Club Opening Dinner on September 17, 2020.

As I told both the Men’s Club Executive Committee and Board, we will not focus on what we cannot do, but what we can and will do.

Debbie, Grace, and I would like to wish each of you a very healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year.

L ‘Shana Tova,