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Announcing Our Kavod Award Recipient!

In my final year as President, I am especially honored to be able to announce this year’s Kavod Award Recipient.  Candidates for this award must perform at high levels of activity in synagogue and community life.  They should be involved in Synagogue or Men’s Club committees and leadership and support the functions of the Men’s Club.  This year, the Kavod Award Committee has chosen to bestow the 2021 Kavod Award upon Dr. David Hakimian.

As a member of a CBS Founding Family, David has had a major presence in synagogue life at Congregation Beth Shalom for his entire life.  In the Men’s Club, David and his wife Suzy have and continue to support the Lox Box program at the Sponsor Level.  David was one of nineteen men who represented the Club on the 2018 Men’s Club trip to Israel.  Most recently, David along with the other CBS member doctors serving on the CBS COVID-19 Medical Task Force provided the Congregation with a presentation and answered questions at our Men’s Club Sunday Morning Program, “How CBS is Adapting to COVID-19”.

When not occupying an officer position on the Synagogue’s Executive Committee, David has served on the Synagogue Board and multiple committees.  In past years he was a USY President, coached the USY basketball team, and was a B’nai Mitzvah tutor.  He has been reading Torah at CBS since his Bar Mitzvah and is a floor gabbai during the High Holidays and other services.

In 2001 during 9/11, David served as our CBS President. In an action I will always remember, it was with great magnanimity that David extended his hand to our Muslim Community on behalf of all of us at Congregation Beth Shalom.

Beyond David’s service to Congregation Beth Shalom, he has served as a chaperone for the Solomon Schechter 8th Grade class trip to Israel, serves on the Board of the Israel Society for Cancer Research, and is on the teaching faculty at Lutheran General Hospital. David especially loves teaching medical students.

Please join the Men’s Club as we honor Dr. David Hakimian as our 2021 Kavod Award Recipient during Men’s Club Shabbat, on March 20, 2021.  Please see the details in the flyer here.

During March, please consider participating in the following programs, all of which are open to the entire congregation:

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