The synagogue is the heart and soul of the Jewish community. By joining Congregation Beth Shalom, you are assuming one of the important responsibilities in life, and are affirming your faith in Judaism. You are carrying on the long and hallowed traditions of our ancestors who built and supported houses of worship wherever they lived. Only through such dedication and devotion to the ideals of Judaism and its teachings have we been able to survive.

As you worship with us throughout the year, as you send your children to religious school and youth groups, as you join with us in our social gatherings and education activities, as you share with us in the work of building a flourishing synagogue, you will be joining with others who have also decided that the beauty and inspiration of our Jewish heritage will enrich our lives and the lives of our children.

We are eager to have you make friends and participate fully in our many activities, to attend our functions, and to feel “at home”. Most of all, we want to serve you and the needs of your family.

Please contact me or Michael Garlin at (847) 498-4100 x121 to answer any questions you may have about becoming a member at Beth Shalom and joining our “family”. Call the synagogue office at (847) 498-4100 or email us for more information and to schedule a tour of Beth Shalom.


Jackie Zelkowitz
Membership Vice President