Religious School

Religious School

Congregation Beth Shalom
Religious School
For Kindergarten – High School

Inspiring A Lifelong Love of Jewish Learning

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CBS Religious School Plan for 2021-2022/5782

We are excited to share our plan for next year with you!  In consultation with our parents, teachers, clergy and CBS COVID Medical Task Force we have designed a program that meets the needs of our community.  We will have online-only, hybrid and in-person learning opportunities.  All online-only programs will be designed for and with each family participating.  An important goal of the CBS Religious School is to partner with families to provide a positive, Jewish education and experience.  As your family situation changes during the year please reach out and let us know how we can support you.

Registration is online only and can be completed by logging into your myCBS account.  In August, upon completion of registration, each family will be contacted to select a virtual-only, hybrid or in-person option for each student.  This option can be changed at the end of the first semester (winter break).  Please feel free to contact the school at 847-498-5652 or with any questions or concerns you have.  The detailed schedule is below.


CBS Religious School Mission Statement

The CBS Religious School provides a strong foundation of Jewish knowledge so as to instill a personal understanding of the rich tradition and long history between God and the Jewish people.

Our Goals

  • Inspire and nurture in every child a lifelong love of Jewish life and learning
  • Impart to our students knowledge of our heritage and tradition through the study of Tanach and other Jewish texts
  • Teach the skills necessary to practice Judaism in accordance with the Conservative Movement
  • Provide skills and knowledge necessary for participation in Shabbat, holiday and life cycle events
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge and love of the State of Israel and a commitment to its existence
  • Transmit a sense of responsibility for the world wide Jewish community and the world at large through the mitzvot and Tikkun Olam