Scholarship Opportunities at CBS

Scholarships for Youth Travel/Trips to Israel

The Janna Sugar Memorial Israel Scholarship Fund
Youth traveling to Israel between 8th grade and their senior year of college may apply for a scholarship from the Janna Sugar Israel Scholarship Fund, which has been established in her memory.

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SKIP – Send-A-Kid-To-Israel-Partnership
The Send-a-Kid-to-Israel Partnership (SKIP) savings incentive program was created to anticipate and save for our children’s Jewish education. SKIP allows families, their congregations, and JUF to become partners in planning for a young person’s future Israel experience. Contributions can be made for students whose families belong to participating congregations. Students in 3rd through 6th grade are eligible to enroll in SKIP; families are eligible to contribute to their children’s SKIP account for a maximum of 7 years (3rd through 9th grade).  The combined annual contribution for our children at Beth Shalom is $255 – $70 from each family, $100 from the Zemsky Memorial SKIP Fund and $85 from the JUF. 

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JUF Israel Experience Scholarship Resources
link to Israel Experiences page

list of various sources for potential scholarship funding

Camp Ramah Scholarships

The Steven Teitelbaum Memorial Ramah Scholarship Fund and the Francine Shapiro Memorial Shapiro Memorial Scholarship Fund generously provide scholarships to all children of members of Congregation Beth Shalom attending Camp Ramah, WI overnight camp and Camp Ramah Day Camp.

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Seminary Fund

Provides scholarship for CBS members and their children who are pursuing seminary education. Scholarship assists with tuition and/or travel expenses to/from Israel.

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Educational Scholarship Funds from JUF

Educational scholarship funds from grants administered by the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago are now available for  full-time Jewish college and graduate students, legally domiciled in the metropolitan Chicago area for 2022-2023 academic year, or have one continuous year of full-time employment in the Chicago metro area prior to enrollment. Approximately $350,000 in total is available each year to be allocated accordingly with financial need who are pursuing careers primarily in the helping professions. Awards range up to $4,000 and may be renewable. Application deadline is February 1st, 2022.  

The Faye Goldfarb Tatel Memorial Scholarship Fund
Awarded to Jewish female college and post-graduate students from the metropolitan Chicago area with financial need for study of math education. One scholarship is awared each year for $15,000.

For eligibility information and application instructions call the Scholarship Coordinator at 312-673-3444 or email

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