Men’s Club

Men’s Club

Welcome to Men’s Club

Congregation Beth Shalom Men’s Club offers our members the opportunity to be involved in a broad range of activities that support each individual’s interests and desires to further their personal, social, religious and family goals, while providing service to the synagogue and the broader community.

For single members, you can expand your social and professional networks.  For members with families, you have the opportunity to engage your children (and/or grandchildren) in activities which enhance their sense of community, the celebration of holidays, and demonstrates our obligation of Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World), while you lead by example.  In this way, you can reinforce and role model those Jewish values that you would like your children and grandchildren to embrace, and help fulfill the continuity of our faith and values L’Dor Vador, from generation to generation.

Please explore the opportunities we have in each of the areas below, and choose a few to begin or increase your involvement.

Social and Family Activities

Our rich Men’s Club programming spans activities that are specific to the interests of our Men’s Club members, and many include the entire family.  Come join us along with your family and current friends, and enjoy the opportunity to make new friend among Congregation Beth Shalom’s 1150 member families.

Service and Community

Service to the synagogue and the community at large is part of what we do as individuals and as a congregation.  We have many opportunities for our members to serve, have fun, and enhance our congregation and community.


Congregation Beth Shalom is a vibrant resource to our members and the community at large.  We offer many programs and services, and the Men’s Club is a key contributor to these efforts.  To insure that we deliver the highest quality in these offerings, we augment the fundraising efforts of the Synagogue with our own specific programs.  Our award winning Lox Box program is our major fundraiser each year, which also serves as a major community service program by providing food donations to the ARK and Council for Jewish Elderly.

Personal Development

While service to the synagogue and community are important and appreciated, we believe that the relationships you develop in supporting these activities can be very fulfilling.  For those with interests in being a part of the planning and execution of these programs, we invite you to become a part of the Men’s Club Board of Directors.   We welcome your contribution of time, talent, and/or commitment, any of which will enhance our team and our efforts.  We are also very active in the Midwest Region of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, and would be happy to help you find an outlet for your energy at the regional level as well.

Our Mission: Involving Jewish Men in Jewish Lives

  • Engage members to participate and support Congregation Beth Shalom, our programs, and activities
  • Encourage and develop a spirit of camaraderie and brotherhood
  • Provide social and intellectual programs and activities for our enjoyment, education and growth
  • Enhance and support the Jewish spiritual life of our members, their families, and our community