Forms and Policies

This page of the website has links to any forms that you might need to fill out in advance of your child’s b’nai mitzvah. We have also put information on any synagogue policies which might pertain to your event.

 CBS Shabbat Kiddush Agreement that includes Shabbat Kiddush Menu options and prices:

Click the link below to receive information on Friday Night Drop-Off Dinners at CBS:

Click the link below to see a list of the approved outside caterers, if you wish to cater your event at CBS:

Click the link below to print the Aliyah Honors Form which you will go over in your meeting with Rabbi Chapman (approx. 2 months before your simcha):

Click the link below to see the options you have for the Parents’ Prayer:

Synagogue Etiquette

As a Conservative Congregation, Services follow a traditional pattern.  All are invited to join in enthusiastically with readings and community singing.

  1. Proper attire is expected for services.  While everyone is invited in, it is most respectful to be dressed in a manner befitting the moment. Females should wear attire that covers the shoulders and skirts that are of modest length. Gentlemen need not wear business attire but causal wear should also be respectful of the sanctuary atmosphere.
  2. The Bat Mitzvah and mother of Bat Mitzvah who will be on the Bimah are required to wear a head covering.  All women whose custom it is to wear a Tallit are encouraged to do so.
  3. All males, regardless of faith, are required to wear a Kippah while in the synagogue.  Jewish men over Bar Mitzvah age are requested to wear a tallit.
  4. On Shabbat, the use of telephones, photographic, recording equipment, and all electronic devices are prohibited anywhere on synagogue grounds.
  5. One should not bring gifts into the sanctuary.
  6. Purses may not be carried onto the Bimah.
  7. Congregation Beth Shalom is a SMOKE-FREE environment.  This means that SMOKING is prohibited at any time within the building.  In addition, SMOKING is prohibited on synagogue grounds during Shabbat.
  8. No business should be conducted on Shabbat or Holidays (ie: no emails, telephone calls, etc.).

If you wish to include a synagogue etiquette policy in your invitation for any guests who might be unfamiliar with our customs, you may click on the link below.

Synagogue Etiquette Policy