DVD Collection

Our DVD collection is growing rapidly!!! And hundreds of videos are still available for check out. . . so visit us soon to enjoy your favorites. . .

DVD titles in alphabetical order with appropriate ratings and release dates:

Activity TV: Hanukkah Fun vol. 1 G 2008
Activity TV: Hanukkah Fun vol. 2 G 2008
Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights PG-13 2003
Agent Emes and the Happy Chanukah PG-13 2006
Aliyah NR 2012
Allo, Allo, Aleph NR 2008
Anne Frank NR 2001
The Animated Book of Esther PG
Annie Hall PG 1977,2005
Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence NR 2007
Arab Labor (The complete First Season) NR 2008
Arranged NR 2007
The Attack PG  2011
Au Revoir Les Enfants PG 1987,2006
Auschwitz Death Camp (Oprah and Elie Weisel) NR 2006
Avalon PG 1990,2000
The Band’s Visit PG-13 2007
Beaufort NR 2007
Bee Season PG-13 2006
Benjamin and the Miracle of Hanukah G
Bent NC-17 1997,2003
The Bielski Brothers NR 2009
Black Book R 2007
Blazing Saddles R 1974
Blessed is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh NR 2010
Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi NR 2004
The Book Thief PG-13 2013
A Bottle in the Gaza Sea PG 2011
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas PG-13 2008
Broken Wings (Knafayim Shvurot) R 2002
The Bunker NR 2006
Cast a Giant Shadow NR 1966,2002
Chanuka and Passover at Bubbe’s G 2003
Chanukah on Planet Matzah Ball G 2003
The Chaplin Collection NR 1936,1993
The Chosen PG 1982,2003
The Concert (Le Concert) PG-13 2009
Constantine’s Sword NR 2008
The Counterfeiters R 2008
The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler NR 2009
Crimes And Misdemeanors PG-13 1989,2001
Dancing in Jaffa PG
Danny Siegel’s Mitzvah Heroes in Israel PG-13 2004
Dangerous Acts NR 1998
David Makovsky at CBS NR 2008
A Day in October PG-13 2006
The Debt R 2010
Defiance R 2009
The Devil’s Arithmetic PD-M 2002
The Diary of Anne Frank PG
Dirty Dancing  PG-13 1987,2001
Divided We Fall PG-13 2001
Eagles Over Auschwitz NR 2005
An Evening at CBS-Daniel Kurtzer NR 2006
Everything is Illuminated PG-13 2005
Exodus NR 1960,2002
Facing Arthur NR 2005
Families of Israel NR 2010
Fateless R 2006
Fiddler On the Roof G 1971
Fill the Void (Lemale Et Ha’Halal) PG 2013
The Five People You Meet in Heaven NR 2004
The Fixer R 1998,2005
Fixing the World NR 1998
Focus PG-13 2001
Follow Me:  The Yoni Netanyahu Story NR 2012
Footnote (Hearat Shulayim) NR 2011
For Your Consideration PG-13 2006
Funny Girl G 1968,2001
Funny Lady PG 1975,2002
The Gatekeepers PG-13 2012
A Generation Apart NR 2008
Gentleman’s Agreement NR 1947,2000
Go For Zucker NR 2006
Good Evening, Mr. Wallenberg NR 2002
The Governess R 1997
Grandpa’s Tree G 1987
The Great Escape NR 1963,1998
The Green Prince PG-13 2014
Greenwich Village NR 2008
The Grey Zone R 2003
Hadassah Lieberman at CBS NR 2005
Halfon Hill Doesn’t Answer NR 1975,2004
Hanukkah: Tales and Tunes/Miracles and Wonders G 2000
The Heartbreak Kid PG 1972,2002
Hello Dolly G 1969,2003
Hitler’s Children NR 2013
Holocaust NR 1978,2007
The Human Stain R 2004
Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport PG 2001
Irshad Manji at CBS NR 2007
The Island on Bird Street PG-13 2008
Israel:  The Royal Tour NR 2014
James’ Journey to Jerusalem (Massa’ot James Be’eretz Hakodesh) NR 2003
Jellyfish (Meduzot) NR 2008
The Jewish Americans NR 2008
The Jewish Cardinal PG
Jewish Holiday Adventure G 2004
Jews and Christians: A Journey of Faith NR 2002
John Loftus at CBS NR 2006
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat NR 1992,2004
Joseph Telushkin at CBS NR 2007
Judea Pearl at CBS NR 2007
Kadosh NR 1999
Keeping the Faith PG-13 2000
Keeping Up With the Steins PG-13 2006
Kinder-Exodus R 2001
Kippur NR 2001
Kissing Jessica Stein R 2002
The Lady in Number 6 PG
Lambchop’s Chanukah and Passover Surprise G 2002
Landscape After Battle NR 1970,2003
The Last Refuge R 2004
Left Luggage NR 1998,2001
Lemon Tree (Etz Limon) NR 2008
Lena: My 100 Children NR 1987,2007
The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg PG 1999,2001
A Light Unto the Nations G 1998
Lights: The Miracle of Chanukah G 2005
Linda Hooper: Paper Clips G 2006
Live and Become NR 2009
Lost Embrace NR 2003
The Matchmaker NR 2012
A Matter of Size NR 2009
Meet the Parents PG-13 2000,2004
The Miracles of Chanukah G 2004
Miracle Lights: Animated Chanukah Cartoon PG 2005
More than Broken Glass: Memories of Kristallnacht NR 1990
Munich R 2006
My Knees Were Jumping NR 1995,2003
My Mexican Shivah NR 2008
Naked Among the Wolves NR 2005
Naomi Harris Rosenblatt at CBS NR 2006
Naomi Ragen NR 2007
National Geographic: 30 Years of Specials NR 1999,2003
The Nazi Officer’s Wife NR 2003
A New Leaf NR 1971
Nina’s Tragedies (Ha-asonot Shel Nina) NR 2003
Noah PG
Nowhere in Africa R 2001,2003
Only Human R 2004,2006
The Other Son PG-13 2013
Paper Clips G 2003
Past Life 2019
The Pawnbroker NR 1965,2003
The Pianist R 2003
A Price Above Rubies R 1998,2000
The Prince of Egypt PG 1998,2006
Private Benjamin R 1980,1997
Project Greenlight’s Stolen Summer PG 2002
Promises NR 2001,2004
Protocols of Zion R 2004,2006
The Queen of Persia G 2005
Rabbi David Wolpe NR 2006
Radio Days PG 1987,2001
The Reader R 2008
The Reich Underground NR 2008
Room 514 (Heder 514) NR 2012
Sallah NR 1965,2007
School Ties PG-13 1992
The Secrets R 2009
Shabbat Alive G 2005
Shalom Sesame Adventures in Israel #12 NR 2012
Shalom Sesame Chanukah Special G 2008
Shalom Sesame Welcome to Israel NR 2010
The Shop On Main Street NR 1966,2001
Skokie PG 1981,2002
Steven Emerson at CBS NR 2007
A Stranger Among Us PG-13 1992,2003
Sunshine R 1999,2001
Susannah Heschel at CBS NR 2008
Sweet Mud (Adama Meshuga’at) NR 2006
Sword of Gideon NR 1986,2004
The Syrian Bride NR 2004,2006
The Ten Commandments G 1999
This is Your Life:The Ultimate Collection NR 1952,2005
Three Faiths, One God: Judaism, Christianity, Islam NR 2005
Time of Favor NC-17 2000,2002
The Train R 2004
Trembling Before God NR 2001,2003
The Ultimate Menorah NR 2009
Uprising NR 2001
Ushpizin PG 2006
Valkyrie PG-13 2009
Virtual Chanukah G 2004
Von Ryan’s Express PG 1965, 2002
Voyages NR 1999, 2005
A Walk On the Moon R 1999, 2002
Walk On Water R 2005
Walking the Bible NR 2006
Waltz with Bashir R 2008
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising NC-17 1993
Watermarks:The Jewish Swimming Champions Who Defied Hitler NR 2005
The Way We Were PG 1973, 1999
Wedding in Galilee NR 1988
The West Bank Story NR
Yentl PG 1984,2009
You’ve Come to the Right Place NR