Hebrew Resources

Title Author Location
Hebrew:  A language course (Level I) Bella Bergman (Editor TC HEB VOL. 1
Hebrew Lois Rothblum TC HE HEB
The Hebrew Primer Ruby G. Strauss TC HE HEB
Learn Talmud Judith Z. Abrams TC 101 ABR
Understanding the Siddur II Carl S. Ehrlich TC J 230 EHR
Click and Read Behrman House Practice Letters and Reading Hebrew
Menu of Games and Activities Behrman House Practice Vocabulary and Phrases
Aleph Bet Chart Akhlah Hebrew Letter Practice
Balloon Popping Game Ofek Elementary – The Digital Bag Practice A and EE Vowel Sound
Learning Games My Jewish Games Vocabulary Practice, Israel Geography Game, Hebrew Hangman, and Coloring Book

3* TC – Teachers Collection