Janna Sugar Memorial Israel Scholarship Fund

Janna Sugar Memorial Israel Scholarship Fund Application Form


Youth traveling to Israel, for the FIRST TIME, between 8th grade and their senior year of high school may qualify for a scholarship from the Janna Sugar Memorial Israel Scholarship Fund, which has been established in her memory.

Students, whose families are members of Congregation Beth Shalom (CBS), can apply for the scholarship by completing the on-line form available at the CBS website by clicking here.

There are many trips to Israel from which to choose, such as Chicago – Israel Now. A list of trips may be obtained by calling the CBS office at 847.498.4100 or by visiting www.juf.org/israel. Also trips which are Send-A-Kid-To-Israel-Partnership (SKIP) approved are eligible for this scholarship. Most trips supported under the auspices of a recognized Jewish organization will be approved.

Completed applications will be forwarded to the CBS committee that administers the scholarship fund and the applicant should receive notification of the committee’s decision three weeks after submission. Approved applicants will receive a reimbursement of 20% of the program cost up to a maximum reimbursement of $613.00.

Upon return from the trip, a 500-word essay summarizing the applicant’s experiences and providing some personal reflections on the trip is required. This should be a review of the benefits, educational, spiritual or otherwise, obtained from the trip that the applicant feels may inspire peers to consider a similar experience to Israel

Like Janna, who was so passionate about her experiences in Israel, the congregation youth who have received support from the Fund have found a trip to Israel to be a wonderful opportunity to enhance Jewish identity, provide an incredible cultural and religious experience and encourage independence. It can also be an opportunity to make wonderful new friendships with Israeli teenagers and instill a love of Judaism to even deeper levels. We hope each person will be able to benefit from the support that Congregation Beth Shalom is privileged to provide through the Janna Sugar Memorial Israel Scholarship Fund.

For more information about the Janna Sugar Memorial Israel Scholarship Fund, contact Cantor Steven Stoehr at 847.498.4100 ext.114 or at