Tai Chi and Wellness class Sponsored by HAZAK

June 3, 2021    
9:30 am - 10:15 am

This virtual class with Certified Tai Chi Master Instructor Allison Deputy, who has over 30 years experience, will provide a wonderful qigong warmup and then cover the fundamentals of Yang Style Tai Chi to work you from head to toe. This will eventually progress to the movement and practice of the Yang 12 Short Form. Much of the class can be done from a seated position if needed. Movements are slow and gentle and highly therapeutic for mind, body, and spirit. Harvard Health Publications calls Tai Chi, “Medication in Motion” due to its full spectrum health benefits.  

Studies show that the regular practice of Tai Chi can help alleviate chronic pain, sleep and digestive disorders, anxiety/depression, and also help improve balance, bone density, circulation/respiration, and immune response.

For all ages – Healing Movement for Every Body!

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