CBS Distinguished Speaker Series: Billy Planer

August 20, 2020    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

How to be Comfortable Having Uncomfortable Conversations

Looking for an inspirational way to spend Thursday night, August 20?

America is so split that trying to speak across the divide feels impossible. Whether it is one on one, with friends, family or your community, discussions about race, politics or Israel seem to be too heated and contentious to have. How can we have these important and necessary conversations without “all the heat”? How can you practice self-care as you enter into uncomfortable conversations? How to rethink what success looks like during a difficult conversation.

Billy Planer is the Founder and Director of Etgar 36, a summer journey taking Jewish teens across America to learn history, politics and activism.

They find their voice and power by meeting with all sides of political issues, understanding the unique culture of each city, and becoming empowered to create change and develop their American and Jewish identities.

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This program is underwritten with a generous grant from the Congregation Beth Shalom Eastern European Torah Project.

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