Powerful Thoughts – Alan & Janet Sear

Posted on March 28, 2024

We have so many powerful and overwhelming thoughts about today.  Although we cannot claim the Civil Rights Journey as ours, I could not help but reflect on the similarities my father and grandparents went through as German Jews.  As we walked through the Memorial  for Peace and Justice and saw the names and dates of those who had been lynched, it brought back vivid memories of our recent trip to Germany where we saw the house where my father lived, and the Stolperstines (Stumbling Stones) that had the names of my grandparents and the date they were deported and sent to  Gurs Internment Camp before being deported to Auschwitz.  These stones showed the world that they existed, they lived and were brutally killed, but they were not forgotten, just as the innocent men and women who were brutally lynched, their names and memory will also live on. 


May all their memories be a blessing.