On one hand we know it all, but on the other hand we know nothing – Chris Meyers

Posted on March 28, 2024

So I have to say that this trip and the previous CIVIL RIGHTS TRIP that I took with Beth Shalom has sent me back to my late high school and early college days… the civil rights movement encompassed my being and greatly influenced the way I saw life- mine and that of others, especially the disenfranchised.  These experiences and observations contributed to what kind of career I developed and am still involved in as well as the values I imparted to my children. So terribly sad to me that while so much has changed, so much has remained the same or changed form. Thrilled out of my mind to have Barack Obama and terrified to have had Donald Trump ( and his huge following) and now to be in abject fear once again. Was wonderful to see all these amazing memorials and sites, and of course so sad that they have to exist… but it once again charges me up as it did when I was 18 y/o… may it continue to charge me up and may I aim to continue to spread this to others around me. On one hand we know it all, but on the other hand we know nothing- so much work out there to be done and so many lives to try to impact. I remain thankful and appreciative for this trip to contribute to all of that….