What Is The Keter Minyan?

A minyan is the foundation of a spiritual community. At Congregation Beth Shalom, our morning minyan, the Keter Minyan, welcomes all members of the community and their attendance is cherished. Whether you need to recite Kaddish to commemorate a Yahrzeit or just want to worship, we are here for you! Our redesigned service includes more English prayers and a wider variety in the liturgy. To facilitate a warm and welcoming atmosphere we have instituted an appointed captain for each day of the week who will welcome members and guests to the minyan along with the clergy. This captain will also be responsible for outreach calls to our members to offer reminders of Yahrzeit dates as well. Following the service is a post-minyan breakfast with a short educational presentation by a member of our clergy or a congregant. This provides valuable time to bond with other members of the congregation and the clergy on a more personal level.

The Keter Minyan takes its name from the Hebrew word for crown, and our continuing efforts are to make the morning minyan the jewel in the crown of the religious life of our Synagogue. The crown is beautifully portrayed in the stained glass rendition over the Ark in our Beit Midrash. Our morning minyan meets every day of the year on Monday-Friday at 6:45am and Sunday at 8:50am and is 30-40 minutes in length (Shabbat and holidays are on a different schedule. Please see the CBS minyan hours here.) The dress code is casual or prepared for one's day at work.

To answer many of the questions you may have and to help you better understand the components of our service, we have developed a series of short videos detailing the how-to's and why's of the ritual and liturgy. Below, please see a short overview of our minyan and click here to link to the videos on our "Tutorial" and "How-to" page.


Overview of the Minyan from Congregation Beth Shalom on Vimeo.

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