Our Interfaith Family Initiative/Keruv Mission & History

The Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs took the lead to create an Interfaith Outreach initiative to embrace interfaith couples and families within our community. Their goal was simple: to create a welcoming environment within the Conservative Movement that would enable these families to participate in our community, explore what congregation affiliation can offer to their families, and to provide educational and community service opportunities in which the family could participate to the extent of their interest. This initiative is called Keruv, which means “bringing people close”.

The purpose of the Interfaith Family Initiative at Congregation Beth Shalom is to welcome people whose lives are touched by, or who are involved in interfaith relationships.  Our goal is to make them feel a part of, rather than apart from, the synagogue.  This includes both existing and potential synagogue members.

Our Interfaith Family Initiative exists to meet people where they are and to help them make Jewish choices through education and participation in the life of CBS.  It seeks to educate the congregation-at-large about the importance of Keruv by fostering an understanding of its purpose and benefits to the synagogue, the Conservative Movement and the Jewish people.  It also exists to aid the non-Jewish member of an interfaith relationship in supporting the Jewish partner’s observance of Judaism.  Finally, our Interfaith Family Initiative exists to welcome the non-Jewish partner and to encourage his/her/their participation to the extent desired.

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