2022 Calendar

January 12 Exec and Board Meeting
16 Israel in Depth Diversity Weekend
23 Men’s Club Breakfast and Jews in Sports Program
February   6 Men’s Club Breakfast and Muhammad Ali and Me Program
  9 Exec and Board Meeting
13 World Wide Wrap
19 Chicago Wolves Hockey Outing
March   3 Lox Box Making
  5 Lox Box Packing
  6 Lox Box Delivery
  9 Exec and Board Meeting
Yellow Candle Packing
17 Men’s Club Shabbat Rehearsal
19 Men’s Club Shabbat
20 Israel in Depth
April   3 Israel in Depth
10 MC Breakfast @ IHMEC
13 Exec and Board Meeting
28 Yom Ha’Shoah
May   1 Men’s Club Breakfast and View From City Hall Program
11 Exec and Board Annual Meeting
15 Men’s Club Breakfast and Program
22 FJMC Man & Youth of the Year Event
June 16 Golf Outing

Installation Dinner

2021 Calendar