Buy Israeli Products for Holidays and for Everyday

Many local grocery stores have an Israeli products aisle. Some have several aisles! Clothing stores, shoe stores, cosmetics stores and high fashion stores, even hardware stores all have Israeli products. Familiarize yourself with the great array of choices in our local stores and online. 

Look at your everyday purchases and substitute an Israeli product whenever possible. You will find a great variety. Make Israeli products part of your every day. This directly helps the Israeli economy. 

From shoes, cosmetics, fashion and food, look for Israel products when shopping and let vendors know that you support their sale of Israeli products. You can find many online and in stores. 

Add Israeli foods and products to your daily and holiday meals. Many local vendors carry a variety of products. Sunset Foods, Garden Fresh Market, Jewel, Dominick’s, Whole Foods and Trader Joes all have a variety of Israeli products. 

Look for the Israeli products display in the CBS foyer. 

Here are a couple of websites that have information on buying Israeli products online and in stores around Chicago: 
Buy Israeli Products
Buy Israeli Products Now
Buy Israeli Goods - Chicago

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