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“It was one of Maimonides' most penetrating insights…”, writes Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks in his article Work and Human Dignity. Listing the eight rungs of the ladder of tzedakah (charity), he places highest of all on one “ who provides someone with a gift or a loan or a business partnership or in some other way helps him find employment.” The highest degree of tzedakah, exceeded by none, he writes, is to help someone start a business or find a job.

Jewish sources make it clear that work is important for the welfare of society as a whole, for its contribution to the psychological health and self-worth of the individual, and for the economic support it affords to oneself and to one’s family.

At JVS Chicago we recognize the significance of integrating one’s Jewish ethics and values in ones work life. Attached are several articles that speak to thoughts and values regarding one’s work ethic from Rabbis and Jewish philosophers to help us better understand how Judaism influences businesses, organizations and employees.

JVS Chicago provides services and programing for career development. For those needing assistance with resume and cover letter creation, LinkedIn, interviewing, one-on-one counseling.

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